June 26, Sun, thunderstorms, and fish

June 26, Sun, thunderstorms, and fish

Got a report from Tallman yesterday that the fish were in on the jetties Wednesday night. He caught a number of fish up to 40″ and was really enthusiastic about the night. Guys were crowding the beach at low tide surfcasting to schoolies with a larger fish or two thrown into the mix. They are having fun.


Walked the beach yesterday am and found a striper, little one, with half his body gone from the tail up. Kay says bluefish because a seal would go after the belly sideways. Lot of fish around. The die hard fisherman who braved the weather were rewarded. Metal was popular yesterday. Fish yesterday morning at low tide down the mouth. A lot of the guys were talking about the choppers going back and forth. Later on some of the guys were complaining about weed, and not the kind you smoke.


The storm seems to have blown the mackerel back in. We got a pile in yesterday and the bait will be fresh this weekend. Guys are still catching flounder, so it’s gonna be a good weekend to fish.


On a purely social note, our cat Mackerel will be one year old this Sunday. Bring presents. Likes flies and crickets.




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  • Tallman (Jeff)
    Posted at 09:09h, 26 June

    Yeah sorry bout that I get a little excited when its good. Can I bring Capt. Mackerel some catnip for his B-day.

  • Michael
    Posted at 12:22h, 26 June

    I saw that same half eaten striper and assumed it was a seal – glad to hear it’s a blue! (sorry little guy)

  • Striper97
    Posted at 17:23h, 26 June

    Happy B-Day Mackerel

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