June 30th Report

June 30th Report

Well last week was certainly a hit or miss as far as the striped bass fishing went. Where Thursday and Friday from the week before were hot, things seemed to go quiet over the weekend and into the beginning of the following week. The weather also hasn’t been the best, but it hasn’t stopped some people from fishing. Fishing picked up towards the end of the week when we started seeing and hearing reports from the river. On the 25th Steve LeBlanc caught this 18-1 pounder using worms and then later on in the evening Jamiel Ortiz landed this 10-8 pounder using a needlefish. We also had two others come in with fish on the 27th and 28th. Mark Rennie  caught his 38″, 17-8 pounder using mackerel in the mouth of the Merrimac and then the next day, Mike Tompkins caught this 29″, 8-8 pounder using worms. Mike said he also caught 7 other fish as well. Yesterday, Monday we had an early bird, Jimmy from Lowell who was at the river for low tide, before the sun came up and caught 15 fish during the tide at the mouth. Here are some pictures of our weigh-ins:

Other news would include plenty of mackerel in the area. Hopefully they remain for some time. Breaking Rock, Hampton Shoal Ledge, Speckled Apron all remain productive. Again, if you are a boater, get up early get yourself some live mackerel and live in the mouth!

Flounder we heard are biting in the Ipswich area, again got to have a boat for them. From the beach we have heard of a few, but nothing to write home about. Saw plenty of boats out Saturday outside the mouth along the oceanfront trying for the little guys.

Steve LeBlanc


Jamiel Ortiz


Mark Rennie


Mike Tompkins





Liz Cowie
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