JUne 4, 2020

JUne 4, 2020

It has been awhile since our last post. Sorry. We have been extra busy in the shop over the last few weeks. Lots of new faces are fishing this year. The word is out and the fishing has been great. Lots of small bass in the area with a few big ones starting to arrive.

The mouth of the river has been extremely productive for a lot of people. Low tide through the swing of the tide and into the start of the incoming is the most popular tide to fish the area between the Captain’s Fishing Parties and the jetties. The soft paddletail plastics continue to be “top lure” for those that like to cast for the fish. On the bait side of things clams and worms have been producing up inside and on the jetties it has been a lot of clams and mackerel (when we can get some).

The couple that fish together, stay together

Jen Smith Conroy just sent us these photos and a little report:

This was Saturday, you guys had some awesome customer service replaced my husbands broken rod tip with this year’s model, I bought my first license so I could try it out and 15 minutes later I caught my first Striper and then another one 🙌🏻 my husband caught admiration for me ☺️. We used seaworms!

We had our first weigh-in this year with this 10 pound, 9 ounce striper caught on clams down at the river. This one was headed to the grill. ***Remember there is a new slot limit in effect this year. You may keep one striper a day from 28 inches to under 35 inches. Inline circle hooks are the new law when using bait to catch stripers. Please handle the fish with care and release quickly if you are not going to keep your one fish limit or it is not with in the new regulations for size. Think like this….. a striper should only be out of the water for a long as you can hold your breath.

Along the oceanfront is also producing a ton of schoolies. The favorite tide to fish along the beachfront is the top of the incoming tide through the shifting of the tide into the start of the outgoing. In other words, fish the tide on both sides of the high. But do not ignore low tide along the oceanfront. We have lots of people that either live here or don’t want to deal with the crowds that can form in the river side that like to fish the beachfront for the bottom of the outgoing tide. So again fish either side of the low tide. It is more the shifting of the tides, when the water starts to move again that can be the factor for fishing.

Captain Christopher Husgen of Tide Charters sent us this report earlier this week:

Had a great charter today. Caught over 20 fish. Largest was 24”. All top water, so lots of action even with the single hooks you sold me. I’ll fix more of my plugs that way. Thanks for helping me get it done. Even got a healthy tip. Exhausting but we had a great time.

Nothing like getting the logo at sunrise with a bent rod! That’s what Andrew McCabe says! He sent us in these pictures from fishing inside the river earlier this week for the sunrise bite. He says “schoolies galore” All 22-25 inch fish caught on topwater lures like spooks and jumpin minnows.

So welcome to all the new fishermen, and welcome back to all our regulars. Might of started a bit late, but the season is here and we will see you in the shop.

Liz Cowie
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