June 4th & 5th Division of Marine Fisheries

June 4th & 5th Division of Marine Fisheries


STATEWIDE FREE FISHING WEEKEND JUNE 4-5, 2011. More information  at their site.



     My apologies for not getting a report up the last few days.  This past week we have seen and heard of a steady flow of fish being caught. Again, same rules apply.  Bottom of the outgoing tide through the turn of the tide in the river.  Top of the inncoming tide through the turn and the start of the outgoing along the oceanfront.

     There has been some “breezy” days down here on the island, but those who came, most were rewarded. Some small fish have shown up in the 16-18″ range which is nice to see.  the “keepers” that we have weighed in and the “catch & release” guys that have reported back to us have said that the range has been 8 pounders up to 20 pounds. That again has come to be the “norm” over the last few weeks. Again the baits of choice have been worms and clams, some mackerel. Lures are still a lot of soft baits.

     We are hearing a lot of stories about big fish upriver…………….way up river.  Through Haverhill up into Lawrence. If you have access to a spot along the Merrimac give it a try.  A lot of fishermen up there like to throw some big lures so what your head!

     Flounder is the other fish that people are starting to ask about now. To date we have only heard of a few being caught from the shore. One fisherman was down at the jetties, on the ocean side and reported seeing a few guys bring in a few, one being quite large. Along the oceanfont, out front of us and on the wildlife reserve we have only heard of a couple fish. This hopefully will change once Tommy Kelly gets his famous flounder rig into the water!!!



Nate’s Tees 

What a response we have had with the tees!!! Thank you, thank you! It has been so great that we are out of a few sizes. More have been ordered, so by the end of next week  they should be back in stock and ready to go out the door again. So far with your help and generousity over $1200.00 has been raised to aide Nate in his recovery. Thanks again and keep shopping!!! 



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  • Anguillaman
    Posted at 08:18h, 04 June

    Free fishing for two day’s…WOW thanks so much to the state of TAXACHUSETTS.

  • Dan
    Posted at 06:38h, 05 June

    The fishing at Plum Island is awful now. Even free it’s not worth it. But with the new $10 saltwater license, they better start stocking the ocean! And… if they are going to charge this fee they better start checking all the illegal immigrants up there that keep any striper over 12″

  • Anguillaman
    Posted at 15:13h, 05 June

    CHRIS the Warden at the refuge was writing guys up today for not having a permit. Guess he did not know about the free weekend, as he was busy throwing guys off the beach and writing up tickets.

  • Christopher Husgen
    Posted at 18:13h, 05 June

    I will address one inaccurate comment. No one was kicked off of the beach and no one was written a ticket for fishing without a license today. At least not by me, and not on the Refuge. What would motivate someone to make up such a story?

    • admin
      Posted at 07:48h, 06 June

      Thanks for responding. I thought that comment sounded like bullshit.

  • Anguillaman
    Posted at 08:21h, 06 June

    I’m the guy with the silver corvette, gray hair…I saw it happen, its that simple.

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