June 5, Who’s lucky, Who’s skilled?

June 5, Who’s lucky, Who’s skilled?

Well we’re here to tell you there are big fish around, but you have to dodge the boats to find them. Joppa was packed with fishermen last night, between the waders, kayaks, and skiffs. Depending on who you talked to it was either “almost Epic” or lousy. Our man Hayden was out yakking last night and had good results, but his wingman, on his first yak trip got nada. He noted that most of the boat traffic was gone by 11pm. Guess he’s a little more devoted than some others. Then again, he does work here.


We read the daily reports at Reel-time, and New England Kayak Fishing to broaden our scope of reporting. Some of the Reel-time guys report just schoolies yesterday, but Tman, a poster from NEKF, had a great night, measuring in 42″, 44″ and ~46″? stripers. So one guy gets king-size, another gets nuthin. It’s fishing.


Stickman is the resident web design guy at Surfland. We pay him in eels.

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