June 6th – The Merrimac River & Joppa Heating Up!

June 6th – The Merrimac River & Joppa Heating Up!


David Tsao sent us a picture today ………………..

This morning on Joppa, 45.5”, bottomed out my 30lb Boga, so don’t know how much she weighs.

Cody Nixon and Justin Gould just came back into the shop to give us a report. They headed out on the boat this afternoon to catch the top of the outgoing tide in Joppa and vicinity. Well, the big fish are here for sure. They caught about 30 fish with the smallest measuring in at about 25″. Cody said they were huge schools of fish and were all healthy fat fish. They caught all these on top water lures.



Tom Sheehy was out fishing and sent us this report from June 2nd. Thanks for the report, the review on NTA Lures, and most of all for the fab picture of the kids!!!

Hey Stickman, hope all is well - haven't seen you out yet this season........
Thought the Surfland crew would get a kick out of these pics - my
daughter Hannah and her boyfriend Chris from VT visiting for the
weekend.  Got them outfitted with Surfland hoodies and NTA Custom
Spooks.  All that mojo paid off with some nice topwater fish this
morning.   There weren't a lot of fish around, but when we did find them
the fish absolutely smashed Neil's plugs.
The season was off to a slow start, but things are improving with each
tide cycle.

— Tom

With the oceanfront being unfishable the last few days the focus has been pretty much the mouth of the river and up the Merrimac. The mouth has been crazy, very few boats have ventured out it, but along the shore the fishing has been pretty good for the ones that have come down this week. In fact we had a long time customer who moved away come for a fishing trip and bring some friends to show them all about fishing Plum Island. The weather did not stop John Chu from doing what he set out to do while he was here………….FISH! And it paid off, he went back to Chicago with some nice Striper fillets. Was great to see you John..don’t let it be 10 years before you come back again. Kay was very pleased to see you!

Here is John with his 9 pounder that he caught on clams in the mouth of the Merrimac River. Congrats John!!!


Liz Cowie
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