We have had a few good days of fishing…….for most. The normal schedule of low tide in the river and high tide along the beach has gone out the window. the past few days we have heard of a lot of fish being caught along the oceanfront during and around the  low tide mark. Many reports have come in from the plug fisherman who have gotten up and walked the beachfront casting lures. They are psyched with the amount of fish around. Most have been catch and release, but here is a few pictures of fish that have gone home to the dinner table over the last few days:


Steve Mambuca, Amesbury, MA — 13 1/2 lbs. —blue mack lure



Jan (the man with a plan!) Kevlik, Litchfield NH — 14-2 & 11-2 — minnow lure

(……………have you washed that sweatshirt????)



NOW……..lets talk bait!

Again worms and clams have been the bait of choice for most guys. But we have finally been able to get fresh herring and the guys that fish way upriver and ones that drift the channel or sit from their boat at the docks are doing well with that. Sorry to say, but fresh mackerel have been scarce. No one is reporting any big find on where the macks are. Although I did hear of a certain fisherman that caught a big mack from the beach yesterday on a lure!

Okay, low tide in the river has been pretty good for the bait guys and high tide and low tide along the oceanfront. Again here are some pics from the last few days of our bait fishermen:

6/4- Ralph Upchurch from Brookline 10-8 & 10 from the river on clams


6/4 Richie & Debbie Fiorenza 11-4 & 13-10 ( way to go deb, show em’ who catches bigger fish!)



6/5 Ed Wills fishing at lot 1 PRWR using clams. And, by the looks of the wound…….something else thought it was going to be their dinner!!!



6/5 Don Martineau from Tewsbury caught this 11-4  (31 3/4″) fish 1/2 hour after low  tide on worms. He also caught 19 other schoolies


6/6 Jay Trainer & Mike Winn were using clams in the MR river  and got these 7-13, 7-8, and 13-4 pounders.



6/9   And……….just this morning Paul Dagnese from Reading MA caught this 13-4 in the river using worms.



I also had a few guys in today that did nothing at the low tide. It is called fishing, not catching! So, don’t give up. Sometimes you just have to be in the right spot at the right time.

Flounder…………………Hmmmm, don’t know what to tell you. Again have only heard of a few. And, these guys are walking way out at low tide and casting as far as they can to reach over the wall of sand we have out here in hopes of getting into the deeper water that is just past the mound that now runs the beach. So, get your waders on!






Liz Cowie
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