JUNE 11, Brett Zimmerman :

A good day on the Merrimac, it looks like some good size fish have finally arrived. Kaitlyn thought she had dad beat with her 35″ fish until dad hooked a 42″ 30+ pounder , both fish released to fight another day! Thanks to the guys in the boat who had to cut there lines as dads fish ran for the ocean.


June 11, CR



The action was hot on the riverfront Sunday night!  My biggest fish of the season so far: 40”.  The shop was closed, so couldn’t weigh it in, but I guess 20-21 lb.

Ralph Upchurch from Brookline



Michael Philavong

Left is a 34″ (did not weigh) and right is a 29″ pushing 30″ at a little over 8.5 lbs. Both Caught on a black magnum bomber lure


Left is a 36″ (17.8 lbs.) left right is a 34″ (did not weigh) Both was caught with a black/purple SP. All caught at the beach on incoming tide at about 3am. We are from Lowell, ma.


Stickman,  In lue of the big fish we have grown to love this time of the year… I am sending you a celebration of small fish from our beloved PI Sound.  It has been a blast throwing flies and lures this spring to busting, all be it small, Striped Bass : )  Lets hope things continue to get better!

Cheers, Eliot and GreasyBeaksflyfishing.com


Here was also a sweet c&r from the other day – a 38″ female that was lurking in the rocks which we returned after a quick pic.  2 days later my angler caught what we believe to be the same girl… a little darker and missing the sea lice that she had from three days prior.  We call her Chahhhlene or Charlene if you don’t live on the North Shore.

Thanks Stickman!

cat cat1
Thanks to everyone for sharing!!!



Liz Cowie
  • Rip
    Posted at 15:50h, 12 June

    Just want to remind people that holding a bigger fish with a lip grip, you should hold the fish by the belly as well. The lower jaw isn’t that strong.

  • rodney henson
    Posted at 08:31h, 17 June

    I’m pretty sure most those fish were going straight to the dumpster anyway…..

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