Let the season begin……..

Let the season begin……..

First of all, I personally would like to thanks ALL of you for the beautiful comments, calls, visits, FB likes loves & hearts, flowers, cards, and donations made on Mackerel’s behalf. It was very thoughtful. He was a catch!


Fishing……….let’s get this party started. We have gotten some worms and clams in to get this season into swing. We are open everyday now and will increase our hours starting today! Kay opened up at 6 and we will also be here tomorrow am for Easter morning so come visit and maybe try your luck for a bit before the Ester meal. MMMMM, don’ these look good?!


Also with the beginning of the fishing season come the restocking of the shelves. Starting to get the walls full again for you guys with some of your favorites such as Super Strike, Guppy, NTA (local boy Neil from the island), Hurley’s, and Al Gag’s Whip-it. More still arriving almost everyday. Now stocking the new Sebile, Shimano Coltsniper, and the bigger Yozuri Mag Darter that a lot of you have been asking for and that is only the mention of a few news things in the way of lures. Come see us!






Liz Cowie
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