Let’s get Jiggy

Let’s get Jiggy

Whether it is a buck tail jig or a soft plastic jig all you need to know is how to get jiggy with it. Yesterday am we got a few reports in from some regulars. Bob Smith made his way around the island and told us that he got up early hit the oceanfront for a few minutes, but it was still a bit dirty/weedy as it was the night before when he was down at sunset. Then Bob hit the river for the bottom of the outgoing tide and got about 7 fish up to the 24″ range. Bob loves a buck tail in the river. Now Bob is in the shop  eating a muffin just having come back from fishing parking lot 1 on the PRWR. He got 4 fish on a Charlie Graves metal lure before heading back in . Tons of fish, but what Bob didn’t like about the beach this am is that there is a good size drop off at the high tide mark and unless you are wearing boots, waders, or some kind of water protection gear you end up having to bring the fish further up on the sand than you really want to unhook and get it back into the water without getting soaked. So he left.

Mike Parent was around the island yesterday and came in after the low tide to give us a report. He did well, catching about 20 fish in the 18″-23″ range all on a soft plastic paddle tail. So when your jig looks like this after fishing you know it was a good day.

Here are a few pictures from this weeks fishing by Greg, Julian, and Sean

Last 2 hours of the outgoing tide at the sandbar tonight after 100 casts..saw a handful of similar sized fish get caught but nothing crazy.Theyre definitely in but I think they just got here and it will explode any day now
Liz Cowie
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