Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

     The Kelly Boys are just in pumping some air into their tires and have reported that there are a lot of  fish being caught along the oceanfront. I am going to let Andy give the report:

      We started off the trip on Saturday morning.  Tommy had the hot rod of the day. He limited out within 20 minuets with a 17lb and 23lb stripers as well as having released 10-12 other keeper sized fish up to 36 inches. Saturday night was slow but things began to heat up again in the morning(Sunday)  with two for the cooler and a few more released. Plently of fish are aound. The surf was definitely fishable with most of the fish being caught during the outgoing tide.  Worms, again are the bait of choice for us, but interestingly all the fish that we kept had numerous herring in their bellies, the 23lb with 14 herring!

     And that’s no hot air…………………………………….


Here’s Tommy reeling in one of his catches during the Saturday tide.

Tommy with his 23 lb(right hand) and his 17 lb fish

The belly of the beast with the 14 herring inside.


These two pictures are from this morning andTtommy has hooked into another fish






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  • Rich Binell
    Posted at 23:18h, 05 September

    Go Tommy. Release ’em today and catch ’em bigger next year. They’ll be back. I bet so will you. Me three.

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