MAY 10 – Shad and a little striper

MAY 10 – Shad and a little striper

Boston Dave called this morning to give us a report. Today he is back at Rock’s Village catching shad. All week the shad fishing has been excellent! Today though along with the shad, Dave reports that he caught a little striper in the mix. So the stripers are coming up the river. It seems that everything has been about a week behind schedule. We’ve only had a handful of fishermen hitting the beach this week so I can only report on the little activity that they are telling me. Lots of seals in the river so they are sticking around for food there. A few fishermen that have hit the beach has reported a lot of bird activity some days and some splashing and small bait fish jumping but no reports of stripers being taken. So, any day now they will arrive in force. START FISHING!!!

Here is a visual to get you excited!!!




Liz Cowie
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