May 18, Bait Guys Rule, Incoming Macs?

May 18, Bait Guys Rule, Incoming Macs?

This morning a few guys were having luck at the Reservation Lot 1 sing sea worms. There were also fish taken at the end of Plum Island Boulevard just down the block from the shop. Those were on clams. It’s a pretty nice day here on the island. Grey but not raining or too windy.


Reel-time reports there were mackerel taken in Beverly and Gloucester harbors over the weekend. That means they’re in the area and should start to be found in their usual haunts. Livelining Macs is one of the most fun ways to entice large stripers, and with the influx of the schooling mini-tuna the larger bass usually follow. It will also allow fishing with chunks too.


Have fun. Memorial day is upon us next weekend and the influx of fishermen with it.


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