May 19, Nice day, good fishing

May 19, Nice day, good fishing

The weather finally has cleared and it’s a really nice calm sunny day. Call in sick to work and come out. The tide is going out this morning and it’s looking like an excellent fishing day.

White is the color of the week. White shad, white sluggos, white bucktails. They all seem to be working. The fish are pretty much all around. The Joppa waders are having a good time. The boats report good pickings above the Icebreaker. Bait guys having fun on the beachfront with clams and worms. A good number of keepers are in the mix too. Reel Time reports are promising as well, with active  fishing all around the island, and incoming mackerel too.


Today’s picture is from a little more recent than our usual posts. Rick Courcy, his son, and his dog pose with a fish from ’92. An all american family portrait if I’ve ever seen one.




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