May 21, The sun has come.

May 21, The sun has come.

A stretch of good weather is upon us for the foreseeable future, with only some showers on Sunday. The water temperature should be coming up a little. It was 49 degrees this morning in the ocean.


Haven’t heard any third party reports today, but your author was out at 4:30 am on the incoming tide looking around for action. Went out on my boat to the mouth and fished the North Jetty. There was still some swell left over from Wednesday’s storm, but the water was flat as could be with no wind. No fish for me though. Tossed jigheaded and unweighted sluggos in white and grey (oh, I’m sorry, Arkansas Shad color.) Also threw some Super Spooks and white bucktails. No luck. The seals, though were having a ball grabbing slappy schoolies.


With nothing much happening, and no other boats in the mouth to watch, I was off to the flats where a number of flycasters were cruising the Woodbridge shore and along the Audubon Society weed beds. Only saw a few fish caught at high tide. But there were packs of bass moving back and forth all over the flats. They were really easy to spook, but very difficult to induce into eating.


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  • talljeff
    Posted at 09:28h, 22 May

    Been out for 5 days straight fishing plum. Sorry for no reports. HEH Hemmm.
    🙂 Best week I have ever had. Every day but mon 30-40 fish a day. Noreaster day was awsome. Went out yesterday (friday ) with some buddies to the good ole river. Fished from 8am outgoing to 7pm at night. Chetski got his first keepa of the yr 31inch on Kays world famous seaworms.YUM. They love those things. Make sure to pick up a dozen or 10 and put 2 on at a time.. The tall guy caught about 30 schoolies and 3 keepers for the day. Almost all on bucktails, swimshads and pearl Ronz’s. Kay just got a new batch of Ronz’s too. Getm. You wont be disappointed. Working 2day ugg.

    MACKERAL: Thank you guys for letting me hang outside 2day under the deck. I had a blast soakin up the sun and being lazy. Hopefully I can get another fieldtrip out this week because its going to be great weather!!!!! get out and Fish!!

  • matt
    Posted at 09:54h, 22 May

    wats the deal with that steel cable 200-300 yards to the east of the captains ladies? had a nice fish on for a few minutes, then wrapped itself around something down there and that was it! Not the first time either!

  • talljeff
    Posted at 14:30h, 22 May

    Anyone git some fish Sat?

  • Hiltonizer
    Posted at 23:13h, 22 May

    Dropped a line about 100 yards west of the Captains Ladies, about 6:45pm on the outgoing. Stuck around with the wife until 8sh. No hookups on either clams or worms. No hookups from what I saw glancing at rods up the beach, a few old timers casting plugs and plastics nearby.

    Rough night I guess, that or I curse everyone.

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