May 22………Slim picking this am

May 22………Slim picking this am

     Well, word from the river this morning is that the pickings were slim. Chuck Brewster from Billerica, MA picked up this fish (39″) 20-4 pounder on the outgoing tide from the sandbar. He said there was about 25 guys fishing and he only saw about 7 fish caught. A few were keepers, but the majority he said were in the 12-14″ range. Chunk was using clams as his bait of choice.


  But, all fishermen bewere…………….the sandbar is not a safe place this year. We had reports of a fisherman who went to far at the end of the sandbar and stepped off. He needed assistance from other fishermen to get in. The lucky part is that he was wearing a wetsuit which helped him with buoyancy. So……………please be careful if you venture out onto the sandbar!!!

     Also have heard that the Coast Guard turned some of the smaller party boats around. It is a wild mouth of the river this year. Guess the dredging wasn’t a success! We have had many boaters tell us how treacherous the mouth is this year. So, boaters………………please be careful also.

Toby is back again this year. He weighed in his catch Friday after fishing the surf. They weighed in at 9-15 and 14-14.

     And, for those of you interested in supporting our fundraising efforts for a past employee here are some other colors that his tee is available in. As James stated yesterday, Nate was in a car accident in St. Croix and we are raising money to go towards his rehab. More info can be found at

Thanks for your support!!!!

Youth tee is available in the color here aloe, and also have periwinkle.

Ladies are available in a nice v-neck tee. Violet is the color. Also have a few of the dusty pink left, but not many.

And guys, we showed you the grey one yesterday. Today I will show you a celery green color. We also have a blue, a darker green, and a slate color available!!!!!

Billy is looking good in his blue!!!!!

And again, more fishermen in talking about the wild river. Take care out there!


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