May 28, Big fish on shore and deep

May 28, Big fish on shore and deep

We’re still getting reports from the weekend, and the weekend was good. Here’s a happy angler, Ryan Tiezzi, who with his dad Ray grabbed a mess of cod this past weekend. They won’t say where, but we expect is Speckled Apron or one of the other reefs around. The boys were guests on the Newburyport moored “Arancas Annie” owned and operated by Ray Tiezzi. Clearly someone who knows where to go.




On the surf side, we had a couple of keepers weighed in today that are of note. Here’s a beautiful 30 pounder taken early today. Fisherman’s name is Ned Parillo and he was fishing a sluggo on the beachfront. Seems like a good place. Bob Smith reported a nice blitz this afternoon out there as well.



I wanna let you know to drive slow around the island. The number of fellows getting speeding tickets is high this year. Slow down and spend your money here instead.


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  • Mark Cahill
    Posted at 12:01h, 29 May

    Not kidding on the “keep the speed down” thing – I got tagged on Saturday (and deserved it). Newbury Police are definitely in summer “revenue enhancement mode” so don’t give them the opportunity!

  • Ryan
    Posted at 08:06h, 01 June

    Minor correction: The boat was “Arancas Annie” owned and operated by Ray Tiezzi.

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