May 3 – Early success

May 3 – Early success

Today, Andy Kelly came to fish the oceanfront. He arrived early this morning am fished the incoming tide. He caught two fish in the mid thirty inch range. The one he kept to consume weighed in at 15 pounds. worms were Andy’s choice of bait today.
Over the last few days we have heard of most of the action being in the Parker River. One fisherman that went out in the rain two days ago came back to report that he got a few fish all just under ┬áthe 28″ range. He walked from Sandy Point to around the back side into the river. He caught his fish using a pencil popper and it was during the bottom of the outgoing tide. Other action inside the parker had produced fish from 10 INCHES up to 11POUNDS. And so far they have been caught on lures, the ever popular lead head jigs and the increasingly sought after Sebile Magic Swimmers. The dreary overcast weather of the last few days is PERFECT fishing weather!, especially with plugs.
On the other side of the island, the mouth of the Merrimack River the action has been slow. But Deer Island perked up today with many mid-twenty inch fish brought up.
Now is the time to start trying for White Perch if you are a fan. Kay had a customer tell her that this time last year is when he started to catch them so he is headed out to see if they are there now.
Reports of Shad are very far and few. The guys that have tried have produced a few but nothing in any quantity. Hmmmmmmm? WE NOW HAVE LEAD FREE SHAD DARTS IN STOCK!


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  • Jesse R
    Posted at 15:44h, 03 May

    No fish in Lawrence. Been there last 2 days. Last week and the week before, there were some schoolies and shad to be had along with some salmon but things turned off. Hopefully it will turn on soon. Either way, I’ll be on the Island this weekend fishing. Good luck all.

  • Bill Biswanger
    Posted at 23:21h, 04 May

    The shad are coming with the lift at the Conneticut River already having 40,000 go through they have to be here soon with a little more warm weather.

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