MAY 4 – First PI Striper???

MAY 4 – First PI Striper???

As far as we know this is the first Plum Island Striper taken. Joe Camilliere came in the shop this morning after fishing the oceanfront from daybreak during the top of the outgoing tide. Joe used a Mambo Minnow, which is a swimming lure. The fish measured 21 inches. I have also included a picture(sorry not very clear) of the bait fish that the schoolies were chasing. Looks like a baby herring.

first pi striper'baby herring

***********Also phone call this am about 8 am from Boston Dave who again our way fishing for shad. He said from the top of the outgoing tide the shad were in thick at Rock’s Village. He said it looked like everyone did well. Now, it gets crowded up there so if you have other points of access up the river try those also or get out there in a small boat of kayak and have some fun.

What a great day!!!


Liz Cowie
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