May 9, Schoolies and Rod Builders

May 9, Schoolies and Rod Builders

Doesn’t anyone fish here but Bob Smith? Bob was at the mouth of the Merrimack this morning at 5, all alone, and having fun grabbing 4-5 schoolies. Now being that it was 5am, that would put it just about the bottom of the tide, so in three days he’s caught fish at the top in the Parker and Bottom in the Merrimack. We saw a guy that was in the movie Reel People: Fishermen of Plum Island yesterday. Danny was featured tossing clams near the Captain’s Lady dock, so at least one of the other regulars is giving the fish a run for their money.


On the rod builder side, Kay has unearthed a big pile of rod-building thread from the warehouse. There’s about a hundred spools of new old stock in a tremendous variety of colors and styles. Some big spools and lots of smaller ones. They’re going out for as little as $.50 each, so come on down and grab a couple handfuls.



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