MAY Hours



              7 am – 7 pm 

Friday & Saturday

              6 am – 7 pm 


              6 am – 6 pm   

MAY 1st,

For the beginning of the month until the fish are here these are our hours. Once they arrive we will increase the hours and get onto the full season.

Small report today was that we had a few people out drowning some worms and clams, but no report of any bites. Bob Smith was down the mouth of the Merrimac River this am doing some casting of jigs but reported no action.

Shad had been showing up at Rock’s Village and also up river in Lawrence.

The Captain’s Party Boats had a great day. Lots of nice Cod and Haddock. Cod were running 8-12 lbs and the Haddock were 5-8 lbers. Everyone that came into the store after the boat came in was more than pleased with their haul.

So, if you are interested in some fish, why not try a trip on the Captain’s and get some fillets into the freezer before the stripers get here!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… fish chowda!!!


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