Memorial Day Report

Memorial Day Report

The last few days have been just as good as the week. A lot of times we worry about what will happen on a weekend. Weekday fishing always seems to be better. Don’t know if it is that more people are fishing, the boat traffic in the river, or the fish take the weekend off, but this wasn’t the case this weekend. The fishing has been incredible!!! The bite in the river has gotten better and better. Still lots of “micros” and bigger fish in the 22″-27″ range being caught from the Captain’s Fishing all the way down to the jetties. Low tide, and we use this term meaning before and after the tide, has been the best time to be there. Where as the oceanfront hasn’t mattered. Again, we have guys walking up and down the beach casting anything from soft plastics, buck tails, metal, swimming lures, and now poppers have been added to the list. Just get out and fish is what we say. Bring a variety of things, travel light and walk!

Here are a few pictures from this week’s fishing:

Back on May 21st Neil from NTA Custom Lures, a native Plum Islander and Surfland alum was home for the weekend  and he used his Ballerina Minnow on the oceanfront near his home to catch the 27″ and a handful of schoolies. These ballerinas on light tackle are fab!

Neil was home with is family that weekend and here is Piper holding their son Fischer who is checking out a micro striper!

And let’s not forget Pete! Hasn’t been casting on the beach in a few years but managed to caught a few stripers and a crab which Fischer enjoyed playing with. Was a nice family outing! Looking great Pete!


James Jewkes sent this to us 5/24:

“I just came in from the front and was into 20-25″ fish and heard one guy lost a big fish”

Btek Toch sent us this photo and caption on 5/24:

“Blitz yesterday. Lots of fish at the beach. We caught bigger but was cpr.”

Next up is Steve and David Drew, Craig’s relatives from Maine. As you can see from the photo they were fising down by the Captain’s where they caught some little micros and had a good day. It was their first fish of the year, them being from Maine and all. And as usual when it comes to these little micros, they love the Bass Assassins! Steve and David were working the top of the outgoing tide.

And we had a shop weigh-in yesterday. Deb Fichera from Plum Island was out in the boat when she caught this 7-4 pounder.

And please take a moment today to remember all of those who have served our country and have preserved our rights, especially our right to fish!!!


Liz Cowie
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