Monday June 18 …….The Kelly’s are on vacation!!!

Monday June 18 …….The Kelly’s are on vacation!!!

Watch out all, The Kelly Clan is here for the week. They have rented on the island so they can fish 24/7. Not really, but close. Andy and Tommy were just in the store and gave me a report of what happened for them today. Father and two sons headed out onto the beach (oceanfront) just before daybreak which was also at dead low and the start of the incoming tide. Well they hit weed. No fish caught. They headed next, shortly after to Sandy Point at the south end of the island. NO weed, but they didn’t catch any fish either. Came home for a siesta. Went back out this afternoon for the bottom of the outgoing tide along the oceanfront. No weed, got a few fish on worms with the biggest about 20″. Back in for dinner, which was a flounder fish fry from Bob Lobsters since they didn’t get any to make their own. The boys, Andy and Tommy now hanging at the store while dad, Ed is serenading mom at Sandy Point for the sunset!!!. GO ED! It has been a quiet Monday, but they are planning on going out for the tide tonight. They said it looked like the seaweed was starting to clear out. One of our old crusty barnacles came in and said that there has been a storm off the coast that has probably lend its hand in sending in the weed.

Also in tonight is one of the local kayakers. He went out onto Joppa last night from about 8-11 for the incoming tide. He was using live eels and managed 2 fish, biggest one being about 30″. He said that the fish are up along the grass. But, what was the kicker was that just when it was time for him to leave, at the top of the tide to the change the water came alive. He said lots of swirls and and noises that came out of no where. Right at the turn of the tide! He has picked up more eels and is going to start his expedition a bit later tonight!


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  • Anguillaman
    Posted at 19:49h, 18 June

    Big pounding surf yesterday and today…hence the weeds…onshore wind was brisk for day’s and likely created the surf. Not so many out fishing due to conditions and fewer fish, and lots of weeds. I expect that to change soon with changes in weather expect Tuesday-Sunday.

  • John
    Posted at 20:34h, 18 June

    i have seen this behavior before, in shallow flats like Joppa on other similar terrain around Plum Island area. there are likely some very large fish in that mix, but i have always found it very hard to get them to eat under these conditions. it is spooky when the water is flat calm, its pitch dark, and you spook 200 big stripers when you shuffle your feet in the boat.

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