Mouth of the Merrimac

Mouth of the Merrimac

Seems that the mouth of the Merrimac River has been the happening place these last few weeks. It really exploded the other day when we had some big blues and stripers pushing mckerel up onto the beach. On 7/12 Tim O’Connor from Worcesterbrought in this 8-14 pounder that he caught on a pencil popper. He was fishing with Riley McLaughlin during the top of the incoming tide near the jetties. They caught 14 fish in total all on top water lures. They said that they could also see the boys guys hooking up one right after the other.

Tim 7.13

tim 7.13.1

Fishing the mouth can be a very dangerous thing so please be aware of your surroundings and if you go out on the sandbar, be extra vigilant about the waves and the tides coming in. We had a young girl rescued after she got swept off the sandbar. Parents, do not let your children out on that sandbar!–year-old-girl-from-drowning/article_ef3ffc7a-49eb-11e6-b12c-b71a0a563e61.html


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