New Movie Trailer & Striped Bass Regulations for 2015

New Movie Trailer & Striped Bass Regulations for 2015

Hi Everyone,

First off thank you everyone for following my posts and videos this season, I had a blast making them and there will be plenty more to come in the future. Also, a thank you to all of the folks who joined me on guided trips this season. I met some really great folks that I will definitely be keeping in touch with and really look forward to fishing with again. Finally, a big thanks to the gang at Surfland for allowing me this platform to share my reports and adventures with all of you.

As some of you may have already heard, the ASMFC (Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission) ruled on October 29th in favor of change for striped bass regulations coast wide for 2015. There were a number of options on the table in terms of how this would be achieved, but ultimately reducing the limit from 2 fish to 1 fish at 28″ per day was decided. There will be a chance for individual states to further amend their own regulations if they choose in January, but 1 @ 28″ will be the minimum all states coast wide will have to abide by. This is a great step in the right direction for protecting the Striped Bass and ensuring we will all have this resource to enjoy for generations to come.

And finally, a brand new trailer for my upcoming short surfcasting film “On My Own Two Feet”. Full movie will be coming later this winter….

Steve Gallant
Plum Island Surfcasting Guide Service

Steve Gallant

Steve is a hopelessly obsessed surfcaster and rarely misses a night of fishing.

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