Night time is the Right time

Night time is the Right time

Brendan has been working a lot this summer. Holding down three jobs leaves little time to fish. But on Monday night he finally got to hit the beach with Ed Kelly and some others. And Brendan was rewarded with this beautiful fish that the boys guessed was somewhere near 30 lbs.  Way to go Monk!


Unfortunately the fish hooked himself good and it took them a little time to get the hook out, but they did, and helped the fish get adjusted and he swam off to hunt another day!


Ed Kelly and the crew have also been out fishing a few other nights this week. They were out last night and Ed sent me this report this morning.

“Big fish for those willing to hunt them down. Maddie was the hot shot again with another 20+ pounder. Fish seemed to prefer the plugs to eels last night. Must be because of all the bait fish that has been around”

Thanks for the report Ed!

Liz Cowie
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