Oct 10th – Repeat day, Many little, some huge.

Oct 10th – Repeat day, Many little, some huge.

Just had one of the guys back in from Lot 6 getting more worms. This has been a fantastic tide this week. It couldn’t have aligned any better! He said they were catching stripers on worms and clams. The ocean is a bit rough so when the surf is churned up then the clams come into action also. I believe he said that he had gotten at least 11 fish this morning. Another fishermen in from the morning tide said he did well on a Murderous Richard (a.k.a.-The Deadly Dick). Here’s hoping that this great fising continues. If you like to fish with lures, get to lot 6 or 7 and start walking north.


Here’s a note from Marcelo V. at Lot 6 this morning, “Just Wanted to send In my 30″ from parking lot 6 this mornin around 7 am. Got him on clams. Caught about another 8-10 schoolies using the same. Lets hope it continues this week!”



And for the bigger fish out there:

Hi Stickman,
I don’t often hear about offshore fishing on the site , here is our update from Friday.
Lots of 18”haddock – only 1 keeper
Lots of 6-10 lb cod
1 Cusk
Half a dozen nice Pollok
1 – big ass blue shark (11ft. 6in.)- Released.
Tim Kimball      “ Team Octopi”






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  • Quonny
    Posted at 06:18h, 11 October

    Question, the fish Marcelo is holding displays multiple staggered/broken lines. I believe this means that it is a Hudson River fish. Can anyone confirm this assumption?

  • Chris B
    Posted at 10:13h, 11 October

    Saw much of the same at lot 6 early morning. Churned up water and fish at your feet. Did notice bait out fishing lures but had a 15 min period when every cast w/ a deadly dick hooked up. Nothing of any size though.

  • tall jeff
    Posted at 13:48h, 11 October

    thanks for the report chris. Went out on tuesday and was great.. 1 keep and a ton of schoolies. Heading down at 5pm tonite and gonna grab a night pass for the reserve. hope this west wind broom doesnt kill it.

  • Marcelo v
    Posted at 16:11h, 11 October

    Jeff, if you could, let us know how you make out. I plan on heading back there around 6am tomorrow again. Good luck tonight

  • Steve
    Posted at 08:50h, 12 October

    Kinda quiet down there this morning…missed one small one and landed a 28″ on a surface plug…

  • Jeff
    Posted at 20:14h, 12 October

    Went down yesterday 10/11. 5-8 pm lots o rats. Soon As dark hit turned off.

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