OCT 17 – The Legend of Ed

OCT 17 – The Legend of Ed

Just received this email from Adam. Adam was down fishing the PRWR yesterday afternoon into the evening:

“Hey Liz, yesterday my buddy Fred from Rhode Island came up to hit the drive on w/me. We came into Surfland got our bait & headed out. Got a decent fish c&r 27 1/4” early on ….. then it died down for awhile UNTIL ……. Ed Kelly came cruising down the ocean front …. I told Fred “here comes Ed Kelly, he’s an absolute Fish magnet!” …. “SERIOUSLY!” …. after Ed stopped to chit chat with us for a few minutes he drove away. Maybe 45 seconds later 1 of our rods cranks over …. 29″ keeper!!!. As I am reeling it in I hear Ed yelling over to us, he pulled over and a big blitz blew up right in front of him. Seemed like that whole section of the beach was hooking up…. Murph, Ed, my buddy Fred ran down, buggy guys, walk-ons you name it. People chasing the blitz down the beach!!! Hooking up on bait, tins, plugs! …. Crazy fun!!! …. So like I said FISH MAGNET!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! …. Thanks Ed!!!”

Adam Ledger


Ed had also texted me this last night:

“Big sunset blitzes loads if fish 25-30in everyone hooking up. Steve moore, terry, adam, myself” This was at 7:00 so this blitz was at sunset and just after!

I posted this picture from the day before onto Facebook, but will also do it here now. This was Wednesday night and Ed sent me this photo of his C&R. Again on the PRWR wednesday PM:

“Beginning of incoming worms 38in. Most likely 15-18lbs”

ed kelly 10.16.15

So as you can see the fish are here and we have started to have some good blitzes on the oceanfront. Also had another fisherman, Jamiel came in to report that he did well down the southern end of the island early this morning. Lots of fish being caught on worms and lures. So hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate and we can get a good fall run, a late one, but a good one!



Liz Cowie
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