Oct 19th – Good day yesterday, Skunked this morning

Oct 19th – Good day yesterday, Skunked this morning

We had another fish in yesterday from the PRWR. Bob Como from Malden came down and fished the incoming tide at lot 3. He was rewarded with this nice 22-4 pounder that he got on worms.

Bob got his fish at about 1:00 pm which made it during the top of the incoing tide. He also took a few other smaller fish.

Congrats Bob and enjoy your dinner!

Now this morning is another story. Everyone back so far from the southern end has gotten skunked. Sorry, that’s the way it goes.

***Now, all you drive-ons, be careful this weekend. Yesterday we had someone get stuck up near the edge of the dunes. The tide came right up to the dunes and he couldn’t make a move until the tide went back out. The ocean has kicked up and we had 12 foot tides the last few nights and they are still high this weekend with and 11.8 and 11.4 the next few nights so they will be close again to the dunes especially with the ocean also getting rough. Be Cautious and Safe!


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