October 10th: “Whitey”

October 10th: “Whitey”

     Whitey has been seen on Plum Island.  Nancy called in last night to ask about a fish she had caught. After describing details of the fish and searches through our books (this we had to do because Kay was not here!!!), we arrived at the conclusion that we believe it was a hake. Or another name it goes by is Whiting. It turned out to be an interesting day. After walking the beach, our friend Rachel was in to tell us that there was something making big splashes off shore. Too far to cast to, but still easily seen from shore. Our guess is tuna feeding on hake. Billy was told by one of the tuna guys this morning that they have been using hake for the tuna. The tuna are feeding on the hake right now. It has been a popular bait choice for them.  So if you put it all togather, tuna chasing the hake, something creating a stir off shore (we have had a few reports like Rachel’s this week), fishermen starting to catch hake off the beach……….something is pushing the hake in. Our best guess is the tuna!!!

     This is a picture of a hake taken from the NOAA web site. Nancy is saving one to show us when they come off the beach. we’ll see if our hunches are correct.


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