October 12 – Nice Blue, and a Sea Turtle?

October 12 – Nice Blue, and a Sea Turtle?

Mike Ruggelo from Amesbury asks this question,
“Weird thing happened Friday while fishing inside the north jetty….in addition to my cut bait and macs being constantly stripped by a pesky seal, I watched a sea turtle swim towards me from Salisbury heading south…..came to w/in 20′ of my boat.  Has anyone else ever seen one around here?”
Anyone else seen one?  I’ve seen only one before, way out on Halfway Hump while groundfishing. At least Mike’s turtle was swimming the right way!
Wayne Simmons tells us, “My son Devon caught this 32” 16lb blue on Columbus Day trolling just outside the mouth with a yozuri crystal minnow”
Nice pic!


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  • anguillaman
    Posted at 14:17h, 13 October

    Nice blue, I bet your son had the time of his life reeling that one in. Curious, what type of turtle do you think it was.

  • Rhino
    Posted at 14:52h, 13 October

    I was out Sunday just outside the mouth of the Parker and saw what I thought might be a green lid of a garbage can. As it got a little closer it came to the surface and saw it was a sea turtle. Looked around the internet and think it may have been a green turtle, which have been see in Massachusetts in the past. I tried to get a pic but couldn’t get one in time.

  • unwinder
    Posted at 20:02h, 13 October

    my dad and I saw a sea turtle a few years ago, size of a 5 gallon bucket lid, between plum island and grape island (across from IBYC) have not seen one since. did not try to identify.
    Nice catch, and display!

  • Dan
    Posted at 07:47h, 14 October

    That’s a respectable blue. Nice haul!

    Posted at 09:49h, 14 October

    Nice blue little man!!!

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