October 17 – Sam’s First Keeper, and the fish bicycle

October 17 – Sam’s First Keeper, and the fish bicycle

Sam Powers wrote us this nice story about fishing this weekend:
My name is Sam and I caught my first keeper sized stiper ever today on Sunday October 16th about 9:30am in the refuge. We didnt have a scale but it was 40 inches. My dad and I decided to go and fish the start of the incoming tide this morning. After two and a half hours we decided, with not even a nibble it was time to go, and right before we took in the rods, a rod went down. My dad reeled in a 29 inch striper. Then we stayed for another half of an hour and right before we left a rod looked like it was caught in a wave but all of a sudden the rod tip dove and I jumped on it. I’m not kidding, this fish literally pulled me to the water. After about five minutes… in comes a 40 inch striper… what a catch!

Pete Beard, from Deering, NH was working the Cape Cod Canal last week. This fish was caught on Oct 7th on a top water plug, weighing 29 lbs !!! Nice Bike!


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  • thecheat
    Posted at 10:06h, 17 October

    Nice catch Sam!

    I knew I should have brought fishing gear this weekend to the coast!

  • captain grumpy
    Posted at 11:24h, 17 October

    great fish patience will catch fish

  • Capt Steve Nagy
    Posted at 22:14h, 31 October

    Thats the best beach buggy ever! Nice fish.

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