October on the PRWR

October on the PRWR

Tom Corliss was out on the beach down the PRWR about a week ago and sent us these pictures (see below) of some of the erosion that happened due to the some of the weather we had offshore. Not sure if the beach has leveled back out but there has been no shortage of small fish around. We shared the OTW video on our FB page  of the peanut bunker that has been around where they shot the video and we have had the same thing happening here. A lot of fishermen switch over to hunting this time of year so our information we receive from the beach isn’t like the summertime, but if you have some light tackle and are still interested in catching stripers then the southern end of the island along the PRWR is the place to be! We have been informed that the gate will be opening at 5 am to accommodate the waterfowl hunters so that is just a bonus for you that want to fish. Closing time as far as we know is still about 6:30, but that may change so get here as early as you can so there is no problem.

Bait of choice is mostly sea worms and then mackerel and sea clams are second best. Unfortunately we are all out of eels for the remainder of the season. Seems that others bait shops we out and we got slammed with guys looking for some. Our wholesaler is out of stock so we cannot get anymore. We do have some frozen eels that will work for you. Just have to work them a bit more. Also a few big frozen ones left if you like to rig them. As far as lures, soft plastics again seem to be the most popular during the day, but we do have guys working some of the small metals because of the peanut bunkers. For early morning action definitely  have a small top water plug with you as well as a small swimming lure like the SP Minnow or Coltsniper. And for the night bite, Danny and the custom Danny style lures are the most popular along with some of the big plastic swimming lures. Also try some Needlefish and Darters. We still have a few more weeks to go so hope to see you before the fishing season is over.

“Hello! Just wanted to pass on these pics from the PRWR today just before high tide. Crazy waves, HUGE erosion and small fish. (Rod in picture is 11’ for reference to erosion) this is lot 3 spots of 3-5’ loss”

Liz Cowie
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