One Happy Camper.

One Happy Camper.

Bryan Gallant

Thank you guys for all the help this season. This is my first season fishing salt water a bunch and can’t thank your crew enough answering all the questions I have had.

I caught this big bass on a 5″ Al Gag Whip It Fish #32 Bunker on a 3/4 oz jighead.

It was getting into late afternoon Tuesday July 12th in the early evening on Lot #1 on the Parker Reserve. I followed the beach to where I believed there was a hole from the waves washing up on beach. I put my rod holder in the sand and threw out chunks of Mackerel and clams. Nothing was taking the bait for a while. I went through most of my plug bag when I brought out a 5″ Al Gag in bunker blue. First cast into the hole, felt a tap and slowed down my retrieve. The next moment I had my biggest Bass of the season and a new PB! Luckily my buddy had just shown up to help me land it in the crazy surf and he grabbed these pics for me!

Thank you again for all the help this year! From recommending lures to putting new line on my reels! The crew is always super friendly and that’s why I come back each time I make it out to Plum! When anyone asks where to go to get set up, I always recommend Surfland!

– Bryan Gallant – Leominster, MA


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