Pics from the weekend

Pics from the weekend

May 24, 2021 Report

This past weekend has seen the sizes of bass being caught grow. We have heard of some keeper slot fish and even one that was above the slot. Please remember that the size range to keep one striped bass per day is 28” to under 35”. Also remember that when you are bait fishing for striped bass, you must use an inline circle hook.

Saturday and Sunday we had some big waves hitting the beach. These were from the offshore storm way out in the ocean. Some of the guys trying out St. Croix rods and Penn reels on Saturday got a little wet! Any fish that were caught on the oceanfront were on lures. Sunday afternoon at low tide down the river produced schoolies and well as a few keepers off the jetties. These next few days this week have early morning low tides and the stripers should be hitting down at the mouth of the Merrimack and maybe also down on the back side of Sandy Point.

Today, the crew the that we typically see early Monday mornings, caught some stripers at Parking Lot #1 on worms.

Mackerel have been tough to find. They are just starting to arrive up here. Seeing some small “striper candy” size mackerel come in. Hearing of a few flounder off of boats down in the Plum Island Sound and heading towards Cape Ann.

A big thank you to all who came to look at and demo Penn reels and St. Croix rods, as well as some Van Staal reels. Clay, Craig, Aaron, and Earl were looking forward to some casting demos on the beach until Clay came back soaked! A rogue wave came up and got both Clay and our customer who took an outfit to the beach. Thank you to our reps who brought the rods and reels to try out. It was a beautiful day!

Amy and Jim

Tube and worm Saturday morning.

Nick Leone

Caught 6 stripers between 25-28 inches at low tide around 3am at the mouth. Sunday Morning.

David Sands

First cast of the year with two hooks, granddaughter looking on. Friday.

Channel Edge

Caught a bunch of stripers today using the Merrimack Deceiver fly

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