Plum Island Fisherman Video

Plum Island Fisherman Video

Here’s a great Christmas gift-giving idea for your fishermen friends. Our very own Stickman, the Surfland Web guy, directed and produced this 60 minute documentary film about all of us on the island.

Filmed over three years from boats and beach around Plum Island, it explores the culture of fishing, and what makes us tick.

It’s a fun hour and features Kay and the fishermen from all walks of life. The film won the Best Emerging Director award at the Woods Hole Film Festival, and was well-reviewed by the Boston Globe and many local fishermen.

You can buy the DVD at the shop for $18.95, or directly from Stickman at

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You can see the Movie Trailer here:

Plum Island Fishermen Trailer from James Waldron Design on Vimeo.

Liz Cowie
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