Plum Island Surfcasters tonight!

Plum Island Surfcasters tonight!

Plum Island Surfcasters

Plug Building Workshop
I hope you are well and that your hooks are sharpened. Our striped friends are in the Boston Ha’bah (i.e. Harbor)! 😉

I am writing because our Junior’s Program program is hosting a Plug Building Workshop this weekend. This event is open to ALL members. By understanding how plugs are made, you will become a better plugger. Trust me!!! Here are the details:

DATE: 21-APR-2012
TIME: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Kevin McGrath’s Home: 52 West Street, Georgetown, MA.

Tight lines,

I hope to see you at tonight’s club meeting. I personally am really looking forward to tonight’s Boston Harbor Slam by Capt. Barry Gibson.


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