Plum Island Beachfront

Plum Island Beachfront

Yes the slump of summer is upon us for the fishing, but not for all of us. Two nights ago Michael Facha from right here on Plum Island fished the front beach not far from his home. The result was a 26″ schoolie and this 40″ beautiful striper. Michael fished the beachfront just after dark and during the top of the outgoing tide when he caught this fish on a chunk of mackerel.

michael fish

We are still hearing of quite a few small fish being taken at different places around the island. In the mouth of the river before, at, and during the incoming tide are still producing on some days. These little “micro” schoolies seem to always be hungry. The oceanfront is a good spot of set up base during the night fishing because of the way our ocean floor is. We have troughs along the bottom that seems to be a favorite “running” spot for stipers. They like to run along the beach.  We have the perfect weekend for tides if you like to fish the beachfront. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. The overcast day today might just ticket to get the fish a bit more active.


Liz Cowie
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