Sometimes when someone brings in a fish they ask : How should I cook this fish?
Some people just lightly season with salt pepper and lemon juice and throw a fillet on foil on the grill. We have done something that we call “striper nuggets” which is basically chunks of meat that we put in panko and fry up and eat like that or make fish tacos with them.
One of our regulars recommends this recipe “Poor Man’s Lobster” and then I found these others in this past weekend’s WSJ.

Poor mans lobster

Wall Street Journal Recipes

Liz Cowie
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  • csmall
    Posted at 20:57h, 16 July

    either bluefish or striper
    keep cool, when get home, clean, rinse, cut into whole body chunks at desired length (briefly scale with skin on) and freeze pronto in plastic bag (unless eating right away but keep cold)
    thaw with care, want meat to keep cool, olive oil side for grill side down, grill lowest heat on one side for 1-2 hours depending on heat (low and slow), flip and cook till done.
    skin and scales act as skillet, dogs love it (me too)

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