Robert Mitchell, aka “Mitch”

Robert Mitchell, aka “Mitch”

Mitch-1We wanted our readers to know about a Plum Island resident and fisherman that passed away a few weeks ago. Robert Mitchell, aka “Mitch” was an avid fisherman and fished both boat and beach for bass and blues. Mitch was retired from Verizon and enjoyed everything that Plum Island has to offer! His wife Sandy, kept Mitch supplied in enough Surfland gift certificates to keep any man exceptionally happy. Mitch fished out of a Lund boat that he kept in the Merrimack and fished all around PI.

Being lucky enough to live on the northern end of the island, gave Mitch lots of surf fishing time as well as enjoying the 4WD access down on PRNWR. Mitch was an all around nice guy who would help anyone, anytime (Some of you will know this all to well).  A gentleman’s handyman with a great sense of humor.  A favorite spot for him to fish was “High Sandy”!  He was one of our favorites!  He will be missed!

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  • surfcast
    Posted at 14:53h, 27 May

    I met Mitch in the 80’s and soon became friends.Learned alot about fishing,gear and spots on the island that I still fish today.Enjoyed fishing the surf with him as well as on his boat.One of the most experienced and elite fisherman of Plum Island.Mitch was salt of the earth,a man’s man.

    Rest in peace my friend,

  • greg francis
    Posted at 02:58h, 16 May

    Robert was my uncle and I want to thank the writer of this memorial in advance. I cannot believe that it has been a year since he passed. I considered him one of my best friends and his passing has left a tremendous void in my life and many others. I think about him every day and miss his strong opinions that he always expressed with the greatest wit and sense of humor.

    One thing I will never forget as well about him is how brave and courageous he always was. He approached every challenge in his life with dignity, refusing to complain, and head on never refusing to submit. I was so blessed to be able to spend 4 hrs with him in some of his what we were to discover final days and he never lost his sense of humor or courage.

    But the thing I will always miss the most is his compassion and loyalty as a friend. He was someone who would always be there for you and never expect anything in return. Whenever I had an issue with anything he would talk for hours with me on the phone and give me wisdom/advice that was better than that of a sage.

    Uncle Mitch I will think of you and pray for you every day. You were taken much too early by the scourge of cancer. I know God has a special place in heaven for you next to my Mom.

    Love always,

    Your Nephew Greg

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