Saturday. Oct 2, FISH ON!!!

Saturday. Oct 2, FISH ON!!!

     Today, Bryan and George headed out in the boat and to see what they could find. Well they found bluefish, big ones. They trolled along the oceanfront, the refuge oceanfront, in about 40 feet of water.  At one point they hooked into 3 at one time. Two on an umbrella rig and one on a single lure. They had their hands full. It was a good day for “fishing the blues”!

     Now, “the buggies”…… Terry was one of the few that braved the elements yesterday to come down and get onto the refuge for the night fishing. He got 5 dozen worms and was back this morning for more(which was my fault). Sorry Terry. Anyways, Terry caught fish “all night long”!!! His biggest was a 47 inch (about 30 lbs) with a few about 30 inches and a bunch about  27 inches. Let’s hope they are still hungry tonight.


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  • bob
    Posted at 09:34h, 03 October

    nice job terry, you certainly put your time in and earned that night! <:))))))-<

  • Toby
    Posted at 09:45h, 04 October

    Went to bass rocks sunday and caught one bass 1 hour after sunrise. Very slow there that day. Saw one other fisherman catch a striper all day. NNE wind was very relentless. Guess Jeff, Chris & myself should have gone to the refuge. Hahaha.

  • clayfish
    Posted at 11:26h, 04 October

    me to toby was in rockport all morning for 1 -27” my buddies where at lot #7 said pretty good blitz going on there and i said the samething the one sunday i stray of the rez

  • Toby
    Posted at 17:04h, 04 October

    I hear ya Clayfish. The one good thing that I found was that Bassrocks has some good potential because of all the structure. It’s cool to venture out sometimes. Might hit # 7 tomorrow.

  • Jamie
    Posted at 09:08h, 05 October

    Saturday into Sunday on the refuge – Paul and I got 6 or so schoolies (17″-24″) + my obligatory 5 skate. Sunday morning I started fishing and in the low light thought that a schoolie bluefin had washed up on the beach next to me (either that or a log), but it turned out to be a baby seal sleeping next to my truck. From past experience Seals = no fish

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