Sept 14 – Big Fish this Morning

Sept 14 – Big Fish this Morning

Well we had two big fish in this morning and heard of other cath-n-releases. Peter Timmins from Rockport started of the day by coming in with his 29 pounder that he caught down the south end of the island during the night tide using eels. Joe, another fisherman fishing with Peter caught and released a bigger fish. Then later in the morning we had Ernie Sanborn from Northborough, MA come back from pkg. lot #3 with this 26.11 pounder that he caught during the incoming tide using worms. Besides these fish we are still hearing of a lot of small schoolies being caught up and down the beach.


Ernie Sanborn

We had a group that is staying for vacation on Plum Island do very well from the surf on little bass. They wanted to try their luck with some bluefish so we suggested they take a trip with Scott McGuire’s “Summer Jobs” Charter. They were in later this afternoon to say thanks. They got 37 bluefish! It was a great way to end their vacation! So, if you want bluefish and have a boat……….get out and troll the oceanfront in water 30-40 feet deep. They are out there waiting!

George Bossi, our resident “Red Devil” man was out looking for some mackerel when he started getting these pesky little things. Snapper Bluefish! He said they were everywhere. Our own little Piranhas’s…………


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  • Anguillaman
    Posted at 20:46h, 14 September

    Good stuff….looks like Peter will have plenty of Bass Chowdah…I caught a little one tonight..but nice and warm…beautiful night.nice weather.

  • Joe Holey
    Posted at 10:44h, 15 September

    Best striper bait I ever used. Live line one of those little guys and hold on!

  • Stripah
    Posted at 16:38h, 18 September

    I am so tired of looking at dead “breeder” fish on a hook…….
    A 28″ striper is so much better to kill than one of these big beauties. I wish the fishing world would wake up and realize we need to release more fish. Stripah’

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