SEPT 26 – Little Fishy

SEPT 26 – Little Fishy

Well all week long we have had guys trying for the bass. Some have been successful………..other not so much 🙁   Most of the action that we are hearing about is centered all around small bass. I’ve had one fisherman tell me that Joppa Flats had small fish the past few mornings. Also had a guy fishing the mouth of the river this past week and he also got some small fish. Craig from Surfland and wife Steph have fished the oceanfront from a few mornings this week. They have been using bass assassins and have been walking the beach from the center south to the first groin. The fish for them have hit mostly at low and the start of the incoming. I do believe the Steph has out fished Craig so congrats Steph, show the men how it’s done!!!

This morning, Mark came in to report that the lure he bought last night, a small Rapala X-Rap Subwalker did the trick this morning from his boat off the old polio camp on the PRWR. He did extremely well with his fish ranging up to the 33″ mark.

Dr. John, a drive on guy just came off the PRWR early today and reported getting  some nice small, but fat fish just south of parking lot 3 using sea worms.

Another customer just walked up to the beach to check out the wind situation.  He saw a fish jump straight out of the water.  Assumes it was a sturgeon.  We have had several people tell us that they are still seeing a few jumping off shore.  Though one customer swears it was a salmon.  Years ago, the Merrimack was stocked with Atlantic Salmon in hopes to bring the fishery back.  So, you never know….



Liz Cowie
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