Sept 8 – Surging

Sept 8 – Surging

Everyone has told us that the surf is fishable, but the current is strong and there are some surges going on so be careful!

The last few days again have produced a lot of small fish of the oceanfront and the occassional one in the 33″+ range. Worms have been king, but clams and mackerel are right behind them. And the bluefish have been popping in and out. Report tonight that there were a few taken down the southern end of the refuge.

Some of our fishermen who have their 4WD permits for the refuge caught a lot of schoolies last night on the oceanfront using worms. Nothing to speak of in size, but a lot of action. In order to catch the big ones, we imported some blood worms from the state of Maine. With the big surf that is coming, blood worms are tougher and meaner. Check this out……………

We are taking bids on this one…………………………
(Billy Blood – He’s a keeper…and then some!)
~~sorry Billy, we miss you!


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