September 10, Time to worry?

September 10, Time to worry?

Got a call form one of our customers today who is already calling this fall run a failure. He’s noting that in better years we had already had a month of schoolie action on the beach, and that the first of September he could always enjoy a decent amount of fish on the beachfront by now. Is this going to be another Fall like last year where you couldn’t buy a fish in the surf? It’s only the 10th, and the best fishing comes at the beginning of October, but still…


Well some of the guys had fun today despite the possible crash of the fish populations. at around 10am on the incoming tide this morning the blues were hot and heavy in the river near the south jetty and the mouth. The ocean is pretty kicked up so there were few boaters, but the surfcasters were grabbing Blues on the surface for several hours. I guess no one takes pictures of Bluefish, as no one sent me one today. If you’ve got them, email them to and I’ll post them.


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