September 14, Fish around

September 14, Fish around

I’ve been spanked for slacking off, my apologies, so here is the up to the minute report for Monday. The fish are around. Sure that sounds a little vague, but we did weigh in two fish today, one 23lbs, and one 25lbs. The bait guys on the beach did ok this weekend, and at daybreak seemed to be the best timing, regardless of tide. Parking Lot 3 saw some fish being taken too, worms and clams were doing the trick.


There was 4 days of steady East wind leading up to today. There was lots of weed in the surf but that seems to have settled down. Today the wind switched to a brisk NW wind. This has laid down the surf along the beach, and it helps your casting as well. Of course you don’t usually have to cast far on the beach, most of the fish taken are right in close to shore. they’re looking for small baitfish in the waves. You’d think they’d like the deeper water, but it ain’t so. According to Joe Brotz, his biggest fish, and most of his fish, are caught in less than 4 feet of water. I think the Joppa Flats and kayak folks would second that observation.


The times you need to really huck one out are when you see feeding birds just off shore. And they’re usually just a little bit too far out to reach them with a lure. That’s when you’ll want to throw a tin, like a Charlie Graves. That’ll go a long way, and looks a lot like our local baitfish. If there are blues, you can’t go wrong with a Ballistic Missle or Surface Tension when you need long range.


So the weather is sunny today, and high tide is 8pm and maybe those baitfish are ready to get eaten. Come on down.


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