September 15, Schoolies striped and blue

September 15, Schoolies striped and blue

Only a few boats out in the mouth this morning. Most folks were trolling, and we didn’t see many fish. So, back to basics. given the number of sand eels in the vicinity, we broke out a couple Charlie Graves and went at it around the North Jetty. A couple dozen schoolies and three or four tiny bluefish came to the boat between false dawn and about 7 o’colock. Then the bite laid down. Might have been the tide coming close to high tide, may have been the sun hitting the water, either way a drift that would produce 4-5 fish each time dropped down to 1 or none.


Yesterday at Parking Lot 6 Pete Villeneuve of Lee NH grabbed this nice 21 pounder on worms. And Eric Roach reported that the stripers were running the beach at dark and into the night. Sounds good on the reserve, so crank up your 4 wheeler or walk on in.




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  • newbie
    Posted at 09:24h, 16 September

    do you need a parking sticker to park on the refuge after dark or is it closed or do you need to walk on??? please help out new to the sport of surfcasting

    • admin
      Posted at 10:41h, 16 September

      You need a parking sticker to be in the reservation after sundown. You can get one at the front gate or at the refuge headquarters on the Plum Island Turnpike. If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle you can drive on the beach. You’ll need a permit, of course, available at the same places. Make sure you have an actual 4 wheel drive vehicle, as All Wheel Drive cars are not allowed. To get your sticker for drive on you’ll need to bring 50 bucks, a tow rope, a jack, a tire pressure gauge, and a piece of wood that you can stand your jack on (so it doesn’t sink in the sand)

      If you’re just walking on the beach you need a fishing sticker so they don’t tow you, and you can stay all night. Make sure to get there before the gate closes at sundown, or you’ll be locked out. You can get more information by phone, here’s the website

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