September 20 – Weight

September 20 – Weight

Ed Kelly from the weekend.  20 lbs. exactly on worms at PL# 6.  Low tide.  He picked up a few other but this was the biggest.  Yesterday, Bob Nardone from Chelsea was using worms at PK# 3.  18 lbs-14 oz.

We would also like to thank Chris from the Refuge.  Yesterday, he helped to dig out one of the buggy fisherman that has been coming to PI for many, many years.  We all appreciate your help!  Thanks Chris!!!

9-19-13-001-Ed-KellyEd Kelly

9-19-13-002-Bob-NardoneBob Nardone

Bob also wrote me this report:
Sept. 19th fishing parking lot #3 using Kays worms that she had UPS deliverd to Surfland. I hooked a 40″ 18lb–14oz Stripier and another large one that snaped my line got 4 small ones just before the bigger fish on the incoming tide.

Bob3 Bob-2 Bob1


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