September 26 – Report from Carl

September 26 – Report from Carl

Stopped by last night after fishing but it was after hours. Fished from 1/2 hr before sunset until 10pm down at Emerson Rocks / Sandy Pt.
Small mini-blitz of small schoolies on small bait (not sure what, silvery deep belly profile, peanut bunker maybe, you guys know better than I do) at last light.
Fished sluggos and hogies, red fin, poppers on incoming tide in tight to rocks with nothing for hrs, not many other people down there but they didn’t seem too lucky either before leaving.
Right at about 9pm, slack high-tide and start of ebb, tide just creeping north to south (right to left) w/some SW breeze got 7 bass from 24″-30″ in 1/2hr then turned off, on black 9″sluggos in the rocks w/ weighted long shank hook, my jig-heads were too heavy and kept hanging up in rocks.
Also got a 29″ and 32″ at Great Boars Head and Hampton Hbr. North Jetty on Mon. w/ pencil popper and big 3oz hopkins spoon. Besides that last two weeks have been slow, for me at least, full sun b/w 7-9am and afternoon was better than dawn/dusk/night. Bait and the fish under birds around that area and Salisbury side of Merrimack at the Reservation were all really small but catchable on tins, crippled herrings, kastmaster, and murderous richards and fun on light tackle.
Don’t know if this helps fill out your reports but I regularly check your website and look for your updates in The Fisherman so figured I’d put in my 2cents worth.
Thanks for your continued service.


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  • pkw1689
    Posted at 13:19h, 26 September

    many thanks for the excellent report!

  • Steve
    Posted at 18:34h, 26 September

    I also picked up a nice mid 20’s fish down there tonight as well on a topwater…Get into those rocks right around dusk…

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