september 4, highs and lows

september 4, highs and lows

Full moon hit last night. Bright as daybreak all evening. Great time to hit the beach and take in the surf. Parking lot 3 has produced a little these past few days. The Bluefish blitzes of Wednesday have disappeared, only a smattering of topwater action this morning off High Sandy in 35 feet of water. Last night at the turn near the bottom of the tide there was a good selection of bass and blues caught on a needlefish. All the action stopped at daybreak, so the night guys are earning their fish.


Depending who you talk to, the bluefish are either all over the place off the beach, or nowhere. One guy trolled for 3 hours and got nothing. One guy reported surface feeds all over. Don’t know if they were fishing the same time, or if someone is full of it.


Bassing has been hit and miss too. Your author worked 6 hours last night for three fish. Happily, one of the fish tied his personal best of 46″. In the river, throwing live eels in 5 feet of water on the outgoing tide, about 1.5 hours after high. Revived and released, the fish was in the range of 38 pounds according to the striper length and weight charts. Sixteen years old and off to fight another day.


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  • Chris
    Posted at 20:18h, 05 September

    Saturday September 5. Caught 5 nice schoolies off the shore in the river this afternoon with seaworms. Most stripers I have caught at one time in over a month.

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